On the day of your child’s baptism you brought them to the church and began their journey of faith. You stood before the priest and the community of the Church, represented by your family and friends and promised to ‘keep the flame of faith alive in their hearts’ (Rite of Baptism). You promised ‘to be the first teachers of your child in the ways of faith’ (Rite of Baptism) and also to be ‘the best of teachers’ (Rite of Baptism). Over the last twelve years you have been responsible for teaching them their prayers, bringing them to Church, giving them the first lessons in right and wrong.

On the day of Confirmation,; it is time for children to take on the responsibility for their own faith. In many parishes a Service of Light is held some time before the Confirmation ceremony. I have heard parents say that they found this a more memorable occasion, when compared with the hustle and bustle that often accompanies the Confirmation day. During this ritual, parents light again the candle that was first lit on the day of their child’s baptism and they then hand that candle to their son or daughter. The ritual symbolises the handing on the responsibility for their faith to the child. However, for parents and godparents it is not the end. Parents still have a great deal to do with the religious upbringing of their children, a responsibility which often remains throughout life. Parents will always pray for their children, and hopefully in a spirit of love and caring offer advice and encouragement from time to time.


This Year (2016) Confirmation in Our Lady's Nativity Church Leixlip took place on Wed 24th Feb. for 6th Class students from Scoil Eoin Phóil and on Thur 25th February for 6th Class students from Scoil Bhríde & Scoil Mhuire.   The 6th Class Students from Scoil Uí Dhálaigh were confirmed on Thur 11th March . We pray they will continue to listen to and be guided by the Holy Spirit throughout their lives