Weekly Announcements

Dublin Diocese - "Building Hope" Task Force

Archbishop Farrell has established a Task Force called Building Hope. The Task Force has been asked to begin with an assessment of the needs of the people of the Archdiocese emerging from Covid-19 and to work to support parish communities to undertake a radical renewal, looking to the future with creativity. Sharing your thoughts and experiences will be invaluable as we seek to enable the Archdiocese to act now so as to give effective witness and service in the years ahead. Full details available on Diocese website Here

Summer Dues

The Priests of the Parish are extremely grateful for your recent generosity to them in the Christmas and Easter Dues and are very reluctant to ask you to give again. However, the Archbishop of Dublin; Dr. Dermot Farrell has asked us to introduce Summer Dues as an emergency measure, since the financial state of the Common Fund, from which priests are paid, is very grave. For the first quarter of this year the fund has seen a decrease of 80%. No public Masses, from December to the end of April, has left the fund depleted. In  light of your generosity just recently to the Priests of the Parish, we have decided not to send out the Summer Dues Envelopes as we usually would with Dues. Instead, we have placed them on the tables at the exits along with the letter from the Archbishop. If you are in a position to help we ask you to do so since the financial situation is so serious. Again Thank You for your continued support during these difficult times.


Important Parish Announcement

Archbishop of Dublin Dr. Dermot Farrell has appointed Very Rev. Fr. Gregory O’Brien P.P. as Parish Priest of Confey Parish in addition to his responsibilities and duties as Parish Priest of Leixlip Parish.

He has also appointed Rev. Karl Fortune C.C. as curate of Confey Parish in addition to his responsibilities and duties as curate of Leixlip Parish.

The Archbishop is confident that the people in both Leixlip and Confey parishes will be open to the changes necessary to make this venture work for the benefit of these two parish communities and the life of the Catholic Church in this area.

These appointments are effective from the first Sunday of Lent  21st February 2021


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